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Welcome to Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic

Thanks for choosing us for your and your family’s Health and Wellness needs!

Dr. Lippert at Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic adjusting a chiropractic patient.

Welcome to Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic!

Get Back to Doing What You Love!

For this you’ll need your Health, and Health isn’t about how you feel; it’s how you Function. Your Function is the key to health. We know you want to feel good and we want you to feel great, but what you really want is to be Healthy so then you can Heal better. If you heal better then you can also feel better. That’s how being healthy and well works!

Helping with More than Aches and Pains

Chiropractic care helps realign your body in the most gentle, natural way. Then, your body can heal thoroughly so you can feel your best. We’re also here to help with shoulder, wrist, hip, knee and other health problems you may be experiencing and need real solutions to. We’ll customize your care plan to your needs and preferences. Just let us know what works best.

A Cranberry Twp Doctor Who Loves His Job

“Along with being a Doctor of Chiropractic, I’m also a Health and Wellness Specialist. Ask us about our “Wellness Warrior Program” where I become your personal Wellness Doc helping you get well and stay well. With your cooperation, I’ll guide you and support you to help you reach your Wellness goals and get your quality of life back. When ‘i’ is replaced with ‘We’ even illness turns to Wellness.”

“This is more than just my job, it’s my purpose in life. Hope to meet you soon. Have a great day!” (724) 776-9770

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