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Meet Dr. David Lippert

Photo of Wealth Of Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic Chiropractor Dr Lippert

“I’d love to help you and your families!”

A True Wellness Professional

“Hello, Hope this finds you all very well, and if not I hope we can help! Health and Wellness have been a passion for me over many years, and with this I bring over 19 years of experience for you, your  families, and friends. Following my cousin into the chiropractic field just made sense after being under his care for many years prior seeing the RESULTS. In our office we are focused on keeping people WELL instead of waiting for them to get ill or breakdown before we help them. But, dont worry, we’ll help you too if you waited a little too long before getting care!”

“At Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic we help people understand that health isn’t about how you feel, but instead how you FUNCTION. Today people are forced to focus entirely too much on symptoms (effects) rather than addressing the real causes of their ill-health. I want to help our practice members learn about the true meaning of health and vitality throughout their lives. Adding quality to their years and having them feel better in the process.”

A Cranberry Twp Chiropractor Who Loves to Learn

Dr. Lippert earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic(D.C.) at Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina. “I actually feel Chiropractic chose me in some unique way.  It was the best choice I could make in becoming a health and wellness professional and continuing my education after earning my Bachelor of Science (Pre-Med) degree.”

The one-on-one training at Sherman College was a great experience for Dr. Lippert. In fact his education on health and wellness continues today. “I’m a lifelong learner, and I’m constantly studying up-to-date health and wellness research . I really enjoy drawing from the knowledge and wisdom of other health professionals in my field and beyond so that I may bring the best care to all who choose us as their healthcare provider. Come give us a try because Google said you should:)”

Dr. Lippert at Wealth Of Wellness Chiropractic

Dr. Lippert loves helping even the smallest of patients!

Health Is Meant To Be Enjoyed

“When I’m not learning about health or helping other people, I like to enjoy my own health in our God-created natural world. I stay active hiking, camping, fishing, playing baseball, scuba diving, Harley-riding, and skiing.”

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